NGOs endorse a letter to uphold the EU Deforestation Law

Industry associations and governments have called for a delay of the EUDR's entry into application. Over 170 organisations endorsed a letter to the EU Commission President to uphold the law.
deforestation fire

The European Regulation on Deforestation-free Products, a landmark legislation, was first introduced by the European Commission in November 2021 to combat and accelerate the end of global deforestation. This legislation, the first of its kind in the world, intends to guarantee that EU citizens’ consumption of key forest-risk commodities does not contribute to the destruction of forests, from the tropics to Europe and beyond. 

The Regulation entered into force in June 2023 after the adoption from the Council and Parliament with wide support. As the months of preparation for the law’s implementation are coming to an end and that the law will be fully applied starting from 2025, some industry associations, as well as governments both within and outside the EU, have recently called for a delay of the EUDR’s entry into application.

In response to these calls, on April 11 2024,  over 170 organisations endorsed a letter to the EU Commission President. The letter emphasises the importance of upholding the Regulation for its timely and proper implementation.

Read the full letter here

Photo credits: Michele Cooper/DPIE