Our project is excited to offer various training opportunities that aim to empower individuals with the skills needed to address commodity-driven deforestation-related challenges.
Be part of EMMA4EU’s commitment to developing a skilled workforce ready to tackle deforestation-related challenges!

Discover the Advantages of Enrolling in EMMA4EU Courses:

Forward-thinking Curriculum

Immerse yourself in our courses crafted by renowned European experts. Our innovative curriculum brings together previously siloed disciplines and follows a high standard of quality, ensuring you receive up-to-date and cutting-edge knowledge.

Global Networking Opportunities

Forge connections with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Vocational Education and Training providers (VETs), businesses, and NGOs. Engage in a collaborative learning environment that promotes cross-fertilization of ideas and facilitates the seamless transfer of knowledge on an international scale.

Tangible Impact

Acquire practical skills that empower you to contribute actively to the development of sustainable, responsible, and deforestation-free supply chains. At EMMA4EU, we are committed to ensuring that your learning journey translates into real-world impact, making a positive difference in the global community. Subscribe now to be a part of this transformative educational experience.

Explore the following training programs for students, professionals and organisations:

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DFSC E-learning training course

Dive into the fundamentals of Deforestation-Free Supply Chains (DFSC) through our interactive e-learning course. This comprehensive program covers topics such as the origin and dimension of the problem, legislative frameworks, certification standards, technologies for traceability, and more. Earn valuable ECTS credits while enhancing your understanding of sustainable practices. The course (WP 4.1), will be open at EU and international level, during summer 2025

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Specialisation programme for DFSC managers & internship

Join our eight-week Specialisation School (4 weeks training + 4 weeks internship) where around 25 students will participate in an in presence high-quality specialisation school. This unique program includes technical learning, project development, finance, market skills, and communication skills. Participants will have the chance to propose and develop Deforestation-Free Supply Chains (DFSC) projects, putting their knowledge into action. The course (WP 4.3) will be organised in winter 2025

Deforestation-Free Supply Chains course for professionals and workers

Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) focuses on supply chain risk and the new EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). This training offers short, certified training sessions to public and private institution operators. The course (WP 4.4) will use the EQAVET framework and will be available in summer 2025

Stay tuned for announcements and open calls for each training opportunity: