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Voluntary certification schemes and EUDR compliance

How can Voluntary Sustainability Standards contribute to the implementation of the EUDR? The TESAF Department of the University of Padua, a partner in the EMMA4EU,

NGOs endorse a letter to uphold the EU Deforestation Law

Industry associations and governments have called for a delay of the EUDR's entry into application. Over 170 organisations endorsed a letter to the EU Commission

Identifying training needs for deforestation-free supply chains

Are you a student or a professional who is/will be involved in reducing deforestation risk in commodity supply chains? Fill out our survey to help

Leading the race against embedded deforestation

From Denmark to Uganda, EMMA4EU can count on partners from different countries. In November 2023, they met in person in Italy to plan the project's

Why is deforestation a global issue?

Tropical forests regulate the world’s climate, provide water resources and biodiversity. Deforestation is among the leading causes of climate change and biodiversity loss.

The EMMA4EU website is online!

The EMMA4EU website is officially online! Discover more about the project and find out how to stay updated on news and training opportunities.